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Home Inspection
Price of home inspection all includes one out building.
Price is up to 2000 sq ft $350.00
2000-3000 sq ft $400.00
3000-4000 sq ft $450.00
Additional out buildings $100.00
Bundle Special: Add Radon test or air test with any inspection $100 each


Presale Inspection
Recommended to sellers so they can fix any unknown discrepancies before the sale .
Free re inspect of fixed discrepancies. Add Radon or air quality test to any inspection only $100 each, a very good selling point and if your house needs any mitigation it is very nice to have this done so as to no surprises when you are ready to sell.
Up to 2000 sq ft (all includes one outbuilding)_________________________________ $200.00___
2000-3000 sq ft $250.00
3000-4000 sq ft $300.00
Over 4000 sq ft call for estimate
Annual Home Maintenance Inspection
Inspection of home for needed maintenance and upkeep of your home. Give homeowner list of items that need yearly attention, and items that need to be monitored . Great for a heads up for budgeting for some things that may need replacing in the near future . Please check your house for Radon if you have not already. Also an air quality check will let you know exactly what you have in the air in your house, and if you need to correct anything.
Inspection: $200.00
Radon test $100.00 bundle price
Air quality test $100.00 bundle price
Air Quality Test (call for appointment)
Minimum of two tests per house.
$125.00 stand alone test
$100.00 when bundled with any inspection.
Radon Test (call for appointment)
install Activated Charcoal (short-term) Radon Test Kit , collect kit and send to lab for analysis. Deliver results of test to customer, aprox,4day turnaround.
Stand alone price : $125.00
Bundled with any inspection $100.00

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